Antique Distressed Dresser

Distressed dresser - Distressing furniture is a popular do it yourself project for those who want their decor have an old look but can not afford real antiques. You can distress a comfortable room in a matter of hours, or using more complicated techniques for a more authentic look. All you need is paint, sandpaper and [...]

File Cabinet Locks and Keys

File cabinet locks - Confidentiality and privacy are important issues. If your old file cabinet is not locked, do not discard. Installing a lock kit is a fairly simple and inexpensive solution. Pull the top cabinet drawer out until it is fully extended. Remove the cabinet drawer. Locate the lock knockout plug on the front of the file [...]

Narrow Dresser Bedroom

Narrow dresser - A comfortable is an important, functional piece of furniture in a bedroom. Nice comfortable sometimes even have drawers wooden stick. These drawers may or may not close the way they should. Sometimes the humidity in your home makes wood expand and stick in place. However, most often wood drawer contact wood on the [...]

Bed King Upholstered Headboard

King upholstered headboard - Mark where you want the rows of buttons to go on the piece of wood that is the size you want your head to be with chalk. Drill a small hole with an electric drill through each chalk mark. Flip the piece of plywood over and drill a small 1-inch screw beneath each [...]

Antique Dresser Handles Ideas

Not always profitable to replace your kitchen or bathroom cabinets or furniture. Fortunately, changing dresser handles is a quick and easy upgrade that is much less expensive than replacing the piece of furniture or cabinets. Open the dresser and empty its contents. The dresser handles hardware from the rear screws so they need clear access. [...]

DIY Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Recessed medicine cabinet - The medicine cabinets are a must for a functional bathroom. The construction of the self and the addition of a door mirror is a good do-it-yourself project. Place the two side pieces on the floor next to each other. Mark the end pieces where you want the two shelves inside to go. Then run [...]

Best Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker cabinet doors Style are good choice for modern kitchens and design houses are mixed in well with an architectural style Arts & Crafts. Design principles underline Shaker utilitarian functionality against ornamentation, such as carved and raised molding. Use the panel’s straight and simple molding flat on the right, left, top and bottom of each [...]

DIY Tufted Headboard and Bed Frame

Creating a DIY tufted headboard can do at home for a fraction of the cost and provide the same sense of luxury like a headboard sold commercially. Determine measurements of the head. The height of the header is a personal choice, but must be measured from the top of the mattress to your preferred height on the [...]

Amazing Tufted Headboard

A tufted headboard can create drama in any room while also adding interesting texture and a focal point. Creating a tufted headboard can do at home for a fraction of the cost and provide the same sense of luxury like a headboard sold commercially. Depending on the level of experience and patience, a tufted headboard [...]

Knotty pine alder cabinets

Knotty pine cabinets – Southern yellow pine is not a single species. Instead it refers to several species of pine native southeastern United States. These include loblolly, longleaf, and slash shortleaf pine trees, as well as some other species. It is more difficult than most pine wood, and is relatively inexpensive because of the abundance. [...]